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We believe in Sound and Image

We are a passionate about making music & films, and making them look and sound beautiful




We have over six years of experience in the Music & Sound production field. More than one hundred music pieces produced say that we know what it takes to get a good composition done and how to make it sound well. In the past two years, we have got into the video production and edition world almost by accident. Now you can see videos produced 100% by us, from the first recording, to the final images that dance to our music and colors.
We are pioneers in combining Music & Film production in a same concept. We think that when you are able to be a part of every element that participates in a project, in a way that each element has the maximum quality, the final result becomes unique in a very special way, achieving all the targets that make a product excellent and different.
When it comes to doing something, you can simply do it or you can do it with class. We believe that our products always go for the second option no matter what you are looking for, they look and sound in a beautiful way, making Blanquessence one of the most elegants names in the Music & Image field.  
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